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Revenue Generating Interactive Augmented Reality Video Walls

EFX interactive video walls delivery entertaining, sponsored interactive augmented reality effects where your guests and visitors are the stars of the show. generating significant new revenue for years to come.

Once in place, Visitors see themselves on the giant screens, surrounded by realistic visual effects, and can snap and social share branded images from the event.   Walls can be any size, mounted or hung in mid air.

Sold as a premium feature to incoming event organizers, who in turn sell it to exhibiting sponsors, this is one display that pays for itself in a matter of months, and keeps generating revenue for years to come.

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Clients can choose from a large library of low cost, stock effects or have custom work done by our in house augmented reality team.  And the display can also be used for regular sponsored digital signage, or a combination thereof.

This is the latest “must have” amenity that organizations will come to expect, and a solid revenue source for convention halls, hotel conference centers, and other public, high traffic areas.

Screens vary in size & cost, from kiosks to giant video walls…so after you provide pictures of your space we can help you determine what will work best.


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