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Events – Augmented World Expo – Silicon Valley

Want to know what’s bigger than the internet or the mobile web?
It’s the next, real world net, being created today, right before our eyes.
It’s basically 1992 all over again, and ​the combination of a connected “internet of things” (IOT), smart glasses, and augmented reality technology is about to change everything about the way you look at the world.
The best place to see this for yourself and go hands on with the gear that’s changing everything is at AWE June 8-10 in Santa Clara CA.
More info at:
EventFX will be powering several “Experiential AR Attractions” that don’t require mobile AR downloads to deliver attention getting experiences.  Contact us at for exclusive demos & VIP Events.
This is the Largest Show in the world combining AR (augmented reality), VR (virtual reality), HMD’s (head mounted displays & smart glasses), Wearables & IOT (internet of things) devices.  Key Industry leaders and CEO’s attend (tuesday the 9th), along with thousands of other entrepreneurs, developers and investors, getting in on the ground floor of web 3.0…something that will effect every business & make the first internet and mobile web look like warm ups.
Show Facts:
1. Show is in it’s 6th year & doubling in size every year
2. 3000+ Global Attendees, 40% fortune 1000,  200+ worldwide press.
3. 200+ companies showing the latest h/w & s/w on  35,000 sq ft of expo floor
4. 200+ Speakers doing 100+ talks (40 hours) over 3 days.
5. Special AR, VR & Holographic Exhibitions & Demos

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